Einstein Harmonicas is a large global manufacturer of harmonicas (sometimes called “harp,” “blues harp,” or “tin sandwich”) based in Stuttgart, Germany. Einstein has a long-standing tradition of quality and is a recognized leader of quality in the Harmonica industry. It would like to expand its markets into the United States so management has approved a strategic plan to create a new US-based company called Victory Harmonica Corporate (or “Victory”). Einstein is treating Victory as a separate entity and will operate independently of the parent for the most part. A decision was made that a new IT department will be formed and run by Victory.

As a team, present the proposed solution to the case. The presentation should lay out clear recommendations for how management should address the problem. This case study is divided into two parts:

  1. establishing the IT organization, the IT strategy, IT charter, the roles and responsibilities for the new IT organization, IT operating model, and
  2. creating the IT service catalog and capability maturity model, and governing IT entities.