Happy Life Insurance is a large, private insurance company based in New York and currently has 34 offices across the country. In the past decade Happy Life has grown exponentially. In the early 2000s Happy Life had two million members. This number now stands at over 40 million members. Happy Life’s growth is primarily driven by deep, trusted relationships with their customers. Happy Life has a reputation for being an organization that truly cares about its members and is present during their time of need primarily driven by its regional offices that ensure a strong connection to the community and resident families.

Happy Life provides members with the option to renew insurance coverage each year. Local representatives have a comprehensive database of their members, and launch campaigns every year so they can have personal conversations with each member prior to renewal. Such personalized service ensures a very low “drop-out” rate among Happy Life members. In fact, recent statistics show Happy Life has the lowest “drop-out” rate of any major health insurance provider.

Happy Life executives feel the company’s tremendous, decade-long growth has reached its peak within USA and time is right for international expansion. To encourage an infusion of money to enable this international growth, Happy Life executives have decided to take the company public.