Hurricane Sandy caused significant damage to major businesses across the United States. Cocoa-Sassafras Corporation (CSC), a large company operating in the food and beverage industry was affected by the incident. Some of the major products of Cocoa-Sassafras include chocolate, candies, snacks and coffee. Headquartered in Oak Brook (an industrial campus on the outskirts of Chicago), Illinois, Cocoa-Sassafras has manufacturing plants, distribution centers and data centers through-out the US, Canada and Mexico. But the real damage was cause to CSC’s major distribution center and a data center in the northeast region where the hurricane hit. While the impact to the New Jersey distribution center was contained, the Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) managers were requested to evaluate the company’s business risks related to potential disasters in their various facilities and the level of preparedness to respond to and recover from these disasters. CSC would like your team to prepare a business case for the Chief Risk Office and BC DR executive steering committee to increase investment in Cocoa-Sassafras’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery initiatives.