Tips for submitting a great article or asset

We’re looking forward to reviewing your contribution! Follow the tips below to create the best possible article or asset. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


  • Include a main photo. Please include a cover photo with your article. It should be a minimum of 1,500 px wide x 844 px high. If larger, it must maintain a 16:9 (width:height) ratio. It is OK to send along a larger image but it will be cropped to size when published. If you borrow a photo from a public source, please include the source link where it was taken so we can cite it appropriately. Please do not send photos for which you do not have permission to use.

  • Include photos in your article. Photos and illustrations make the article more interesting for the reader so feel free to to include them in your contribution.

  • Cite your sources. Be sure to provide the links or proper citations for any ideas or materials your use in your article.

  • Short is OK. Blog articles are typically around 750 – 1,000 words long. 500 words is typically the minimum for a compelling article. We will accept longer articles but do not feel you need to write a 20 page essay to meet our guidelines. A short article is perfectly acceptable.

  • Express an opinion. The world is interested in your perspective! Share your opinion on the topic. Your unique point-of-view is what makes Progressology a better place.

  • Give credit. If others have edited or provided input into your article, you can add a notes section (click here for an example) at the end of your article giving them credit for their contributions.

  • Include your bio and head shot. At the end of all guest articles we include your bio and head shot photo to showcase your brand and credentials. Please make sure your photo is high resolution so you look as good as possible on all displays and devices.


  • You must own it. Make sure the asset is yours and yours alone. Assets belonging to companies or have copyright protection owned by someone else should not be submitted.

  • Make it usable. Our visitors want tools and enablers that are usable and have value to them. Think about how others can use and benefit from the asset.

  • Be descriptive. Tell us what the asset is used for. The richer you make the description, the more people will use and download the asset.

  • Freemium is OK. It is perfectly fine to share a “scaled down” version of an asset that others must pay for elsewhere. While we do not currently charge for our assets, you may link to your site where users can buy the premium paid version of the asset.

  • Consider writing an article. If your asset has value or a story you want to tell, consider writing an article so you can tell that story. We will end up linking to your asset in the story to drive traffic to the asset.

  • Cite and give credit. As with our articles, please give credit where it is due and cite any sources or ideas used to produce the article.

  • Consider your format. Adobe PDF is create for assets for which you do not want the content or format changed, altered or manipulated (e.g. research, presentations, thought leadership, etc.); however, tools and templates are most useful when users can make it their own. It is OK to submit your asset in multiple formats to allow ultimate flexibility for end users. We also have a process for users to request original, editable files. We only send them if (1) you approve the request and (2) the request meets our terms and conditions, so rest assured your intellectual property will be protected. Ultimately, the choice is yours!