Congratulations, You Have a Job! Now What?

Congratulations, You Have a Job! Now What?
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Last Friday, a colleague – Matt Blair – and I spoke to a group of masters students from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business about moving up in the corporate world. The ask from the students was simple: “What can we do to move through the ranks quickly as we start our jobs this spring?”  We thought about it for a while and the initial draft of our deck was one slide with the following two words:

Work Hard.

But then the students told us we had two hours so Matt and I had to totally rethink our entire strategy…  We sat down and brainstormed some common traits and differentiators that we see in new hires that sets them apart. We all know them…the go-getters…the high potential leaders…the junior executives…  Whatever you call them, they all exhibit certain traits out of the gate that set them apart.

We started putting hands-to-keyboard and came up with a great list of practical, action-oriented tips categorized in three domains:

  1. Develop Yourself
  2. Develop Your Firm
  3. Develop Your Relationships

Not bad, eh?

We developed 19 tips across the three categories that we saw as critical to moving ahead in your career. It is, by no means, an exhaustive list; just our opinion of some real, practical advice for day one and beyond. Click the button below to download the presentation. Matt and I would love to hear what you think! Anything we left off? What traits have you seen that set apart people apart from the start?

Download Presentation
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