What is Progressology?

Progressology is a blog focused on the theme of Progress. We are on a mission to write about the things that make life better and move humanity forward. We feature weekly articles from business and cultural leaders on topics of their choosing. We welcome both one-time publications and regular article contributions from fellow Progressologists around the world.

Originally founded as The Art of Advice in 2012 to focus on topics such as leadership, communication and problem solving, Progressology expanded its purpose to include a wider variety of subjects, all focused around one central theme: progress. Why progress? Progress, as a word, is defined as:

  • a forward or onward movement (as to an objective or to a goal)

  • gradual betterment; especially: the progressive development of humankind

We just love the idea of focusing on the things that make humankind better; highlighting the people, practices, and aspects of life that move us forward.

We write about…

We focus on the eight topics below that revolve around the idea of progress. Our articles are written by eminent thinkers in their associated fields of study.  We have opened up Progressology so thought leaders may contribute one-time articles or publish their ideas regularly. Do you have suggestions for additional categories? Contact us to discuss your idea; we’d love to hear from you.

Our purpose is to…


While criticism can be constructive when done correctly (and civilly), negative, overly-critical, or articles that attack without fact do not have a home on Progressology. We exclusively focus on topics that that highlight positive, forward-moving progress. All Progressologists provide their original thoughts on the topics they choose. We believe it is acceptable and encouraged to leverage the works of others, if appropriately cited, but we are primarily interested in the unique perspective of the author.


We have opened up Progressology so thought leaders may contribute one-time articles or publish their ideas regularly. Our regular authors are featured below; click each person to read more about each Progressologist.

Justin Greis

David Neuman

Bryan Komornik

Jaime Lee Colyer

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